eMAM 5.3 Release Notes, Oct 2021

eMAM 5.3 Release Notes, Oct 2021

EMAM, Inc. is delighted to roll out its latest eMAM version 5.3 enriched with some exciting new additions like eFeeder, packaged asset delivery using ATEME TITAN, stitch & deliver using Elemental MediaConvert, instant asset, improved editing tools like Adobe panels, Apple FCP extension, improved options in Admin Tools page, Browse, Category & Project widget, improved search, instant asset, additional storage and archive options, better control with Workflow dashboard, batch user import,  asset metrics, , signed URLs, encryption and so on. 

What’s new?

1.      Direct Cloud OfferingseMAM Cloud available from AWS Marketplace and Alibaba Cloud Marketplace and emamcloud.com as SaaS and PaaS (Cloud Formation Template). eMAM now supports multi-server CFT deployments. AWS CloudFormation is an easy way to model a collection of related AWS and third-party resources, provision them quickly and consistently, enabling configuration compliance and faster troubleshooting.

2.      Improved sharing and streaming: eMAM now offers additional streaming options with Wowza integration, proxy streaming and advanced sharing options like link & download external media, new sharing theme, stitch & deliver sequences, element choice and packaging assets with Ateme, Vimeo delivery and AWS MediaConvert for lambda delivery.

3.      Expanded & Diverse storage & archive options: eMAM now has expanded its storage & archive options with Qumulo and Storage DNA integration, direct delivery to S3 with file acceleration, archiving with Xendata, transfer between AWS Glacier and Deep Archive,  mezzanine purging, Azure Blob archive/restore, DAC Alto archive.

4.      Upgraded Web Interface Editing: eMAM now offers improved editing workflows with Adobe panels, Apple FCP extension, cloud/remote editing with AWS, Lucid Link, NICE, and Teradici, sequence stitching & delivery, import bin structures as categories form NLEs, project collections etc.

5.      Better ingest tools: eMAM supports live multicamera ingest, edit while capturenew electron feeder app, placeholder assets, Epiphan SRT. 

6.      Better controleMAM now offers better control with options like add and deliver associated files, admin-enabled workflow monitoring, scheduling metadata, notifications for archive & lambda delivery,  updated Zapier integration, signed URLs, encryption, improved automation tools, OKTA, OAuth & Azure AD authentication, project collections,   asset metrics, custom metadata for markers and subclips, Slack and Team. 

7.      Accelerated search and browse features: eMAM offers improved search with thesaurus, learning tool for Azure Computer Vision Faces AI, image insights with Amazon RecognitionShutterstock library management, multi-track audios.

8.      Introduced eFeeder (Electron Feeder): eFeeder is a desktop application built using electron framework for Windows and Mac machines. It allows secure ingest, categorization, and tagging of assets into the eMAM system. .  This native eFeeder enables you to upload files from your PC to any ingest location. With no restrictions on the file number and size, users can either drag & drop and upload the content or use the eFeeder buttons to add a set of files/folders for ingest. This eFeeder application supports direct S3, HTTP, FTP, SMB/CIFS/NFS and UDP upload.  It also has a built-in dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of uploads and an option to resubmit the failed entries. The eFeeder has several other useful features, such as simultaneous bulk upload, folder upload, metadata insertion, tagging, and assigning the contents to appropriate categories or projects etc. Users can tag content and specify folder and category locations. eFeeder can be easily installed on Windows or Mac machines from eMAM Director>My Account>Apps page. 

9.      Package assets using ATEME Titan FileEMAM is now integrated with ATEME Titan file transcoder for ingest and delivery workflows. ATEME delivery profiles support stitch and deliver workflows, i.e., assets can be packaged together (video, audio, other files) and can be delivered as one package to the defined locations. This packaging or stitching is based on the job presets configured at the delivery profile level. Different delivery profiles can be configured using different job presets. 

10.   Stitch and Deliver using Elemental MediaConvert: In addition to FFMPEG, eMAM now also supports stitch and deliver using Elemental Media Convert transcoder. Now you can stitch sequences and deliver from the Timeline widget using Elemental MediaConvert.

11.   Extended support for Azure BLOB “Archive” tier. Along with Hot & Cool tiers, eMAM now supports archive/restore from “Archive” tier of Azure BLOB storage. Archive tier - Optimized for storing data that is rarely accessed and stored for at least 180 days with flexible latency requirements, on the order of hours. 

12.   Introduced “Instant” asset: eMAM has introduced a new concept called “Instant” asset which means assets will be instantly available to users after ingest. Unlike before where assets were only available to the users in the UI only after metadata extraction and proxy generation processes are complete, now the assets ingested to eMAM using “Instant asset” ingest profile will be available in the Browse widget (without proxy) as soon you hit Upload button. This original asset (without preview) in the UI can be downloaded, delivered and imported to Premiere and After Effects panels for editing. 

13.   Create a high-resolution cloud workflow with NICE DCV: eMAM integrates with NICE DCV to create a high-resolution cloud workflow, optimized for under-powered CPUs. NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol, providing customers with a secure way to deliver remote desktops and application streaming from any cloud or data center to any device, over varying network conditions. With NICE DCV and Amazon EC2, customers can run compute-intensive applications remotely on EC2 instances, and stream their user interface to simpler client machines, eliminating the need for local expensive dedicated workstations. Prepare and manage media in eMAM, perform proxy edits in Adobe Premiere and After Effects and finish the higher-end editing of original media in NICE’s DCV in the cloud. 

14.   Collaboration with Microsoft Teams: eMAM and Microsoft Teams have combined to form an accelerated review and approval workflow. Now you can notify your team in Microsoft Teams of completed work, directly from eMAM.

15.   Collaboration with Vimeo for enhanced content delivery: eMAM and Vimeo have teamed up to provide a comprehensive media production solution. From craft editing to worldwide collaboration, this workflow is equipped to handle the modern media landscape. 

16.   Integration with Xendata: eMAM has revamped its integration with Xendata to provide a streamlined LTO archiving solution. Replicate entire LTO cartridges locally and in the cloud, all managed by eMAM's software. 

17.   Latest Adobe applications (2021) now use Common Extensibility Platform (CEP) 11: In order to support this version, the existing eMAM customers using Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 & Adobe After Effects 2021 need to upgrade their eMAM system to minimum version 5.2.18. You can open the Adobe Creative Cloud application and uninstall CEP 10 versions of Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, if exist. During eMAM panel installation, eMAM App Manager will automatically detect the Adobe Application version and download appropriate CEP 10 or CEP 11 .zxp files. Note: Keeping both the 2020 and 2021 versions of adobe products in the same machine can lead to unforeseen problems.


Here's a sneak peek at some of the powerful new features and enhancements released in the eMAM version 5.3: 

1.      eMAM Director Interface

a.       Advanced Metadata taggingSubclips & Markers : Now you can create custom metadata specific to subclips and markers and then associate it with the subclips and markers created for the video assets.

b.      Support “Instant asset” workflow: Assets ingest via eMAM Director/eMAM Panels/eFeeder will have option to get ingested as instant asset as users have option to select “Instant asset ingest profiles” during ingest.

c.       Get Image insights with Amazon Rekognition. eMAM tightly integrates with Amazon Rekognition Image which is a deep learning powered image recognition service that detects objects, scenes, and faces; extracts text; recognizes celebrities in the Insights widget.

d.      Introduced “Asset Metrics” tab under the Analytics: In the Admin Tools page, under Analytics, a new “Asset Metrics” tab has been introduced. Here you can get all the asset metrics details like, total no. of assets in a unit, total no. of files, total duration of video and audio assets in that unit, Total size of assets in that unit and much more.

e.       Introduced “Batch user import”: Now you can easily import multiple users in batches using a spread sheet. User details exported from Active Directory or Single Sign On can be used to create eMAM accounts. Just fill in all the user details in the downloaded template, assign these users to desired user groups, ingest profiles. In the Admin Tools page, under Manage Users, a new Batch Import tab has been introduced to upload bulk users and create their account . eMAM accounts of all the users belonging to a particular user group or multiple user groups and projects, can be created in one shot.

f.        Introduced “Workflow” dashboard: A  new “Workflow” tab has been added to the Dashboard widget to monitor execution status of the custom workflows created in the Super Admin interface. This is similar to the Live Dashboard for workflows in the Super Admin interface. The moment a workflow is triggered, unit admins can immediately see that workflow in the live dashboard with a series of its action, status and description of the executed workflow.

g.      Support for playing multiple embedded audio tracks

h.       Improved Browse Widget

o    Introduced Category view: A new Category view has been introduced in the Browse widget to filter the assets based on categories they are associated with. In this category view, a basic search will display both categories and assets.

o    Export all asset data in the Browse widget: Unlike before, where the asset list details could be exported only page by page, now you have option to export all the asset list (all pages) to an excel file, in just one shot.

o    New icon for Project assets: In the Browse widget, a new group icon for project assets (see image below) has been introduced. A project asset thumbnail is displayed as a group icon in the Browse widget. The top left of the project asset icon displays first few thumbnails of the assets/sequences inside the project, top right project asset icon, bottom left shows the project type like Premiere, eMAM etc. and the bottom right will display a collection image to indicate more contents inside the project, with their count.     

i.         Improved Categories Widget: 

o    List as you type: Easily search for categories in the Ingest metadata window with list as you type feature.

o    Added Category ID for categories under “Properties” window.

j.        Improved Project widget

o    Introduced option to filter projects.

o    Added “Project ID” for projects.

o    Option to show / hide empty collection in project widget.

o    Introduced an option to remove projects from Collections.

k.      Improved Admin Tools page

o    Introduced option to generate the API keys

o    Renamed “Domain” to “ Domain user Id”.

l.         Option to add “Author” for Project assets

2.      eMAM Premiere Panel

a.       Provision to add bin structure as categories in eMAM under the selected category on Premiere export.
i.    Export file path as category (radial button): 
Enable this button to keep source folder structure same as category. You can set the Category name as the export path name. When assets are exported from premiere, the file path will be converted to category and it can be seen in the eMAM Director.
ii.    Export bin structure as category (radial button): 
Enabling this button will add bin structure as categories in the eMAM system under the selected category, on export from Premiere.

b.      Option to select project Collections during export from Premiere.

c.       Export multiple elements pointing to same media

d.      Export subclips created in Premiere.

e.       Support for “Instant asset” ingest profiles.

3.      eMAM After Effects Panel

a.       Added option to choose project Collections on the export window in the AE panel.

b.      Export multiple elements pointing to same media

c.       Support for “Instant asset” ingest profiles

4.      eMAM InDesign panel

a.       Collections now displayed in the InDesign panel

5.      eMAM Super Admin

a.      "OAuth" Authentication type in workflow management.: Introduced “OAuth” as the new authentication type in the workflows. OAuth 2 is an authorization framework that enables applications to obtain limited access to user accounts on an HTTP service. Enter grant type, access token URL, client id, client secret, username & password to get a token.

b.      Ingest notification to the user who ingested the content.

c.        Added option for archive/restore notifications.

d.      Introduced AWS Elemental MediaConvert for Lambda delivery

e.      Introduced a “Restore Archived assets” checkbox option in workflow Delivery action

f.        Introduced “Save as” option to duplicate Delivery profiles.

g.      Introduced “DAC ALTO Connect” as new archive type.

h.      Added ”Ingest Description” as a variable in the workflow conditions.

i.        Introduced option to edit the Super Admin Account email address.

j.        Introduced Instant Asset as new Xcode type.

k.      Included Today() option in the filter search and workflow conditions.

l.        Added “Create Proxy” as a new Action type in Workflows.

6.      Feeder (Java) & eFeeder

a.      Support “Instant asset” workflows

For more details refer Release Notes eMAM Version 5.3 or contact eMAM Support Team at support@emamonline.com


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