How configure IBM Watson Speech-To-Text in eMAM?

How configure IBM Watson Speech-To-Text in eMAM?

Today Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting and popular technology buzzing around and is ushering many innovations across literally every industry. Therefore, harnessing AI innovations is fast becoming the top priority for broadcasters, studios and digital organizations alike. One of the major challenge in the MAM industry which deals with petabytes of assets daily, is manually adding metadata to bulk assets ingested to MAM systems. This is where AI can play a vital role when it comes to extracting meaningful digital data with minimal manual interference. AI has revolutionized the MAM industry by automatically labeling meaningful insights of the digital contents which can be retrieved at a lightning speed. eMAM's latest integration with IBM Watson Speech-to-text adds speech transcription capabilities to its features which helps customer to automatically transcribe audio and voice into written texts. This saves a lot of time and makes media workflows more rich and efficient.

Follow the steps below to configure the IBM Watson Speech-To-Text in eMAM:

1. Login to eMAM Super Admin interface and make sure the Gateway URL is configured under Server Management tab.
2. Go to AI tab and select your unit.
3. Create new AI profile for IBM Watson Speech to Text:

  •  AI Profile Name: Enter AI profile name.
  •  AI Server: Select the server where the eMAM Gateway service is hosted
  •  AI Type: Transcribe
  •  AI Service: IBM Watson Speech To Text
  •  API URL: Will be displayed by default
  •  API Key: Enter the API Key 
Follow the steps below to get the API Key from IBM Watson subscription.
    a. Login to IBM cloud
    b. Choose Watson from the options displayed in the left-hand side of the page.
c. Now choose Existing Services (If the service is already created, otherwise create a new one)

d. Now click on the service (as displayed below).
e. On the right side of the page, you can see an option to show the user name and password (as shown below). Click on that to display the user name and password.
f. API Key is the combination of the user name and password. It should be like username:Password.
For example,
User Name: f3adfd8d-41ae-4f63-8802-6d07895b68cf
Password: Ghnv05tyus
API Key- f3adfd8d-41ae-4f63-8802-6d07895b68cf:Ghnv05tyus
4. Now create a workflow from eMAM Super Admin interface, triggering which will send the assets to IBM Watson for indexing.
Shown below is an example of the Watson workflow. You can alter the workflow conditions as per your convenience. 
Action type should be AI indexing and select IBM Watson Speech to Text as the AI profile..
Value inside the field:
If you need further assistance, please reach out to eMAM Support, 

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