eMAM post-implementation configurations

eMAM post-implementation configurations

1. Adding relevant MIME types

We need to add the relevant MIME types in the IIS for the support of certain file types. This is added at the Default Web Site level. For this,
1. Open IIS.
2. Expand the server.
3. Expand Sites.
4. Expand Default Web Site (This way virtual directory that comes under it will inherit MIME types added to it).
For this, Choose an application. For example, eMAMDirector. Double click on MIME Types.

Applications to be checked.
  1. eMAMAnalyticsGateway
  2. eMAMDirector
  3. eMAMGateway
  5. eMAMSuperAdmin

5. Now, click on Default Web Site.
6. Double click on MIME Types.
7. Click on Add.
8. Enter File name extension (.rtin, .vtt, prproj, etc.) and MIME type accordingly.

9. Click OK. 

General file name extensions and MIME types to be added.

1. Filename Extension as .
    Mime type : text/html

2. Filename extension : .rtin
    Mime type        :  application/x-mpegURL

3. Filename extension : .vtt
    Mime type        :  text/vtt

2. If the registry entries are configured with HTTPS Configure URL rewrite in the web nodes

To make HTTPS configuration in the Empress Media folder in the registry follow this link

3. Clean up old Java versions and Install the latest

This article explains explains the process to find the older version of Java, uninstalling it, and updating it to the latest one.

4. Configure URL rewrite in the web nodes

 To solve the eMAM panel and eFeeder loading problem after Microsoft security patches follow this  link

5. Check the download path in the director and make sure it’s accessible

Go to file path “C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eMAM Director”  in Web server and open web.config


Inside <appsettings> you can find the key for “DownloadPath” where we have to give the value(URL) for the download path. This can be either IP or Domain name in HTTPS or HTTP


Saving the configuration.

 To make sure it’s accessible

 Go to the eMAM director and try to download an asset. We will be prompted with a new tab just like below with the same URL we configured on the web.config in Director.


6. Put SSO logout URL in the Gateway config for the WSFED


 Go to file path “C:\Program Files\Empress Media\eMAM Gateway” in Web server and open web.config


Inside <appsettings> you can find the key for “WsFedSignOutURL” where we have to give the value(URL) for the SSO sign-out URL. 


Save the configurations

7. Add HTTP response header in the virtual directory

In order to set IIS for HTML plackback to work with both IP addresses and different domain names. Please use this link

8. Machine key configuration for the REST API

In the case where the bearer token for RESTAPI created from the first web server won’t work when it is pointed to the second server by the load balancer. We have to make sure both servers have the same machine key for follow this steps

(Perform this step if there are multiple servers.) 

1. Correct the connection string details in the Rest API config.
(Perform this step whether there is one server or multiple servers.)
    <add name="EMAMConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=SQL server hostname or IP;Initial Catalog=emamdb;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=emam;Password=*******;connection timeout=180;" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />
2. Add the upload manager URL in the REST API config under <appSettings>
(Perform this step whether there is one server or multiple servers.)
<add key="UploadManagerURL" value="http://domainOrIP:8080/eMAMUploadManager/EMAMUploader" />

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