eMAM Super Admin Console 5.1

eMAM Super Admin Console 5.1

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      Bug Fixes in eMAM 5.4 BUG ID DESCRIPTION 5.3.1_18NOV2021 11889 Storage DNA API change to handle "404 not found" in the response. 11899 Schedule metadata is not getting updated for PATCH api/v1/assets/{AssetId}/AssetMetadata 11708 PFR is not working ...
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      Release Notes eMAM version 5.4 EMAM, Inc. is delighted to announce the release of eMAM version 5.4. This latest update includes several new features and enhancements that will help our users to be more productive and efficient in their video ...
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      Administrative tools widget can be used to manage and perform many administrative tasks such as: Note: Admin Tools widget is only available for Unit Admins. Manage Users, Manage Asset types, Manage Metadata, Manage Tags, Site Analytics, Projects, ...