How can we use Button metadata field type in a workflow?

How can we use "Button" metadata field type in a workflow?

A button metadata when clicked triggers an associated active workflow. This helps to execute any workflow on a click of a button.
For e.g.: Here a button metadata Action is associated with Tool A workflow.
  • In eMAM Director interface, under Admin Tools page, a Button Metadata- Action is created.
  • In the Super Admin Console a Workflow is created with conditions: Tool A workflow is created for all Image asset types, to change Producer custom metadata field value from Tom to Simon.
a. To change Custom Metadata Producer value from Tom to Simon for image asset types, click on Action button metadata.
b.    A confirmation window pops up to confirm trigger of workflow. Click OK.
c.    Tool A workflow (associated with Action button metadata) gets triggered on click of Action button and can be monitored under Live Dashboard (Workflow) in eMAM Super Admin. Once the workflow is complete, status shows Completed as shown below.
d.    Now go back to eMAM Director interface and check the details under Metadata widget. You will notice that the custom metadata Producer field value gets changed to Simon automatically for all image assets which had Tom as custom metadata Producer field value.
Similarly, you can use Button metadata for AI Indexing using which on click of button metadata will send assets for AI indexing (extract insights from the assets). Just click on the Button Metadata Send to VI should submit the video assets to Video Indexer for insights extraction.
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