How do I generate an eBin Custom report?

How do I generate an eBin Custom report?

eMAM Unit Admin have the privilege to generate an eBin Custom report to get the details of the play counts of  eshared asset. Note: This report is applicable only for eShare.
  • To generate the report, you will have to login to eMAM Admin console and click on the option "Reports". 
  • After that, select the option "eBin Custom Excel Report".
  • To generate a report, select a Project, Category and From and To date range from the drop-down and click on "Generate Excel" button. 
  • An excel will be downloaded to your system and will look like below :

Below are the different columns displayed in the Excel report :
Unique User Open Count: Displays the number of times a Unique user have opened the eshare.
Unique User Play Count: Displays the number of times a Unique user have played the shared Asset.
eShare Open Count: This represents the total number of times users have opened the eshare.
Play Count: Represents the total number of times the shared asset is clicked or played.
The last two columns shows the total number of eShare open and play count respectively.

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