How to configure Harmonic WFS delivery profile in eMAM?

How to configure Harmonic WFS delivery profile in eMAM?

1. Login to WFS Manager.
2. Click on Tools -> Workflow Editor.
3. Click on Workflow Templates.
4. Enter a name for the workflow and click on 'Create' button.
5. Right click on 'Transcode Targets' and click on 'Add Target'.
6. Now click on the 'Browse' button.
7. Choose the desired preset from the System drop down and click on the 'Select' button.
8. For 'Output Path', provide a delivery path and click on the 'Apply' button on the bottom right of the page.
9. Make a note of the Workflow ID which will be used to configure the WFS Delivery profile in the Super Admin interface..
Please follow the steps below to export the preset and import that to eMAM:
1. From the WFS Manager -> Tools -> Preset Editor.
2. Select the preset which you had selected earlier (Step 7 above) and click on the 'Save As' button.
3. Now to save that preset to a category, select the category and click on 'OK'.
4. Now select the preset which needs to be exported by clicking on 'Export' button and save it locally.
5. Now, go to eMAM Super Admin-> Delivery profile and select the Preset and upload the exported preset.
6. You can do this both for video and audio files. After that save the profile by completing the remaining configurations and selecting the desired users.
7. Restart the eMAM Delivery service.
You are now set to use the new WFS delivery profile. Please reach out to eMAM Technical Support team at  for any further assistance.
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