How to import already existing project from eMAM, edit and export it back as a new version?

How to import already existing project from eMAM, edit and export it back as a new version?

Import already existing project from eMAM. edit and export it back as a new version

1.   Select the project and click on Import.


2.   Import Options window opens up. Select the “Check Out” option if we want to export the Project as a new version. Also select the local folder to which the Project gets imported.
And the “Link Asset To” option to mezzanine or original file.


3.   If the project is imported I a location other than from the location from where the new asset (this case “Regera at Geneva 2016”) was added to the project during the first import, a pop up like this will be shown and we need to click on the cancel button, so that eMAM panel will automatically re link the asset to the eMAM storage.


4.   Once the import gets completed all the assets will be linking to eMAM storage locations.


5.   Do some editing: Here we have not added any new asset but have just done some effects and added a new title. So there are no new files, only sequence is edited.


6.   Export the project as a new version to eMAM: Select Project window and click on Export.


    Add the Project version comments and click “OK”.


7.   Project Metadata window pops up:
       Select Files: Here we can see two files having the “e” symbol, meaning that both the files are from eMAM, select them in order to add them to the new project version.

     Select  Sequences
    Select eMAM Proxy options:  Select the ingest profile and click on “Add”.

8.   Monitor the dashboard to see file is ingested successfully to eMAM.



9.   Once the processing is completed, we can see the new sequence in “TIMELINE PREVIEW” Widget by clicking on the sequence in the project.


     Also we can see that there are two versions for the Project is create by looking at the “PROJECT VERSIONS” widget