How to resolve "No Space Left on Device" Error in eMAM Lambda Transcoder?

How to resolve "No Space Left on Device" Error in eMAM Lambda Transcoder?

This article addresses failure of eMAM Lambda transcoder function with an error message like [ERROR] ... Image transcoding failed. Error : [Errno 28] No space left on device, it indicates insufficient temporary storage space for the function to process the image.

This error can be resolved by increasing the ephemeral storage allocated to your Lambda function within the AWS Lambda console. Ephemeral storage provides temporary space for the function during execution, allowing it to handle larger files or complex processing tasks.

By allocating more ephemeral storage, you provide the Lambda function with the necessary resources to complete the image transcoding process successfully. 

Here's how to increase the ephemeral storage for your Lambda function:

1. Access the Lambda Console: Log in to your AWS Management Console and navigate to the Lambda service.

2. Choose Your Function: Select the Lambda function encountering the storage issue.


3. Configuration Tab: Click on the "Configuration" tab.


4. General Configuration: Under "General configuration," choose "Edit."

5. Ephemeral Storage: Locate the "Ephemeral storage" setting. You can adjust the value between 512 MB and 10,240 MB (10 GB) in 1 MB increments.

6. Save Changes: Click "Save" to update the function's configuration with the increased ephemeral storage.

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