What are the filter options available in the Browse widget?

What are the filter options available in the Browse widget?

You can easily filter assets displayed in the Browse widget, using filters like All (all storages) Category, Source storage, Cloud storage, Storage and Archive.

  • All (assets in all location): Select All to display assets in all the location (cloud, source, archive, storage).
  • Category: Filter assets based on categories they are associated with. Click on the desired category folder to see the assets under each category/subcategory. Click on a category will display the category metadata details in the Metadata widget. Also, when you select a category in the Browse widget, automatically the same category gets selected in the Category widget. Furthermore, you can also ingest files directly to any particular category. Just click on the specified category to open it and drag and drop the files to the Browse widget category area. Asset metadata window opens up and the selected category is auto selected.

  • Storage: Select Storage to display assets stored in the different storage locations (configured in the Super Admin).

  • Source Storage: Select Source to display assets located in the source storage.

  • Cloud Storage: Select Cloud to display assets located in the Cloud storage.

  • Archive: Select Archive to filter and display assets in the archive locations.