What are the various keyboard shortcut keys for eMAM Preview player?

What are the various keyboard shortcut keys for eMAM Preview player?

Keyboard Shortcut Keys that can be used on the eMAM Preview Player are:
  • Click on "I" to mark Set IN or start timecode of a subclip.
  • Click on “O” to mark Set OUT or end timecode of a subclip.
  • Click on “S” to save the created subclip.
  • Click on “N” to create new subclip.
  • Click on “A” for annotations.
  • Click on “M” for markers.
  • Click on “J” for video step backward.
  • Click on “L” for video step forward.
  • Click on “K” for video pause.
  • Click on “space” for video play.
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