What is a Preview widget?

What is a "Preview" widget?

The Preview widget displays preview of all the video, audio, images and other document files in the eMAM system. Clicking on an asset in the Browse widget will select that asset and the selected asset's preview will automatically appear in the Preview widget.  
  • Video files: Videos can be previewed and played in the Preview widget. Normal videos are played using HTM5 preview player and can be played at normal, fast forward and rewind speeds. You can add subclips, markers and annotations to the managed proxies. Video proxy preview displays Asset title bar, username as overlay in eMAM HTML5 player.     Live streaming/ recordings are played using Drastic player and are displayed as Live assets with .Live icon. 
  • Audio files: Audio files can be previewed in Waveform or Visualizer (animated audio meter) form which can be set using the Settings button. In addition to that, you will also see marker and play button along with volume control button. Markers can also be added and saved to the audio assets. 
  • Image files: Image files can also be previewed. 
    • Annotation tools: Click on the Annotation tools icon (as shown in the above image) to annotate the image file. Refer Annotation Tools section for more details.
    • Preview button: Click on Preview button to preview the image asset.
  • Other Files: Other files such as pdf, xml, word docs etc. can also be previewed here.

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