What is a Project Asset?

What is a Project Asset?

In eMAM 5.1, a new concept "Project Asset" was introduced in the eMAM Director interface. When a project is created (with a storage profile) under the Projects widget, a new asset- "Project Asset"  also gets created under the Browse widget (only if a storage profile is added to the project). 
A “Project Asset” is a placeholder for eMAM projects (i.e.;there is no physical file behind that asset) which helps in filtering the corresponding project in the project widget.. eMAM placeholders can be later attached to different types of physical files. These placeholders can be linked to the project files associated with the project. “Project Asset” has no link to the assets or sequences of the actual project. It only represents the project and not its components and will be deleted once the corresponding project is deleted from eMAM.

If we add a “Project Asset” to a category, it does not add the linked projects contents to the category, In case of purge also- if a “Project Asset” is purged, it removes the project file associated with it and not the actual project or the whole assets under that project. But if the linked project is deleted from the Projects widget, the “Project Asset” associated with it will be deleted from eMAM. 
Also, when the projects are exported from Adobe Premiere using eMAM panel,  the .prproj file gets associated with the Project asset placeholder created in eMAM

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